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The Legalities of Salon Booth Renting: What Salon Owners Need to Know

For salon owners and landlords looking to optimize their income, renting out unused booths or suites can seem like the perfect solution. However, venturing into this without a grasp on the legal implications can be like setting up a hair appointment without knowing the stylist - only with much higher stakes of potentially costly and risky complications. This guide aims to shed some light on the legal...

5 Steps for Dealing with Negative Reviews

It happened… You just got a negative review, and you are about to LOSE IT. The feedback feels completely unreasonable, and your blood is boiling. You want to UNLEASH on this person. The AUDACITY! If you’ve ever received a negative review, you are not alone! Many beauty business owners have had the experience of receiving a less-than-ideal- or downright negative- online review. When...

5 Ways to Make Your Beauty Business More Professional (Part 1)

5 Ways to Make Your Beauty Business More Professional (Part 1)

Have you ever had an experience with a business that just didn’t feel professional? Maybe you booked a blowout, and the stylist walked in five minutes late complaining about a difficult client. Maybe you booked a massage, and the receptionist didn’t even look up from his phone when you walked in the door. We all want to feel a sense of professionalism when we do business with a company, and...

Picture Perfect: How to Capture Stunning Photos of Your Salon Space

In today’s digital world, image is everything, and that includes your salon listing! First impressions matter, and potential renters or employees often judge a listing by its photos. To ensure you're putting your best foot forward, follow these top tips for capturing beautiful and enticing photos of your salon space. 1. Let Your Real Space Shine Avoid only uploading generic ads or stock photos and...

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21 Questions to Choose the Right Salon Rental Space

From finding the right location, to determining the space’s accessibility, there’s a LOT to consider when choosing the right salon suite rental for your beauty business! Without knowing what questions to ask, it might seem overwhelming; but today we’ve got you covered with 21 questions to help you choose the perfect salon rental space, plus a free worksheet to make the search even easier. Scroll...

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Switch to a Salon Suite and Experience the Difference

If you have been working as a beauty professional and wish to make an independent career, you need to switch to a salon suite rental immediately. A salon suite would help you become an independent salon owner without any issues. You will not have to invest a huge amount of money right in the beginning and will still get the perks of having your salon. You can provide your clients with various amenities...

5 Simple Ways to Boost Client Loyalty (b)

5 Simple Ways to Boost Client Loyalty in Your Beauty Business

Whether you’re a salon owner or a beauty professional, chances are you’ve experienced the challenges of growing your client base.While bringing in new clients is a crucial part of building a successful beauty business, for many beauty professionals, the problem isn’t finding clients, it’s keeping them.Lead generation can be a time-consuming process, and if you’re also paying for ads, it can...

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