How To Build a Stellar Salon Reputation with Client Reviews

Collecting reviews for our beauty business can indeed be a bit tricky… Sometimes, we feel a tad awkward asking for them, or it just slips our minds. And let’s not forget, our clients are often caught up in their busy lives, making it easy for them to forget as well. But in the beauty industry, standing out and building a stellar reputation is non-negotiable. And guess what? Reviews are your secret weapon!

Research indicates that most potential clients turn to online reviews before choosing a salon. Imagine someone searching for “Lash Extensions Near Me” on Google. What’s the first thing that’ll catch their eye? You got it—the lash business with a treasure trove of glowing reviews!

So, how can you inspire more clients to sing your praises? Let’s dive into some tips:


Maximize Your Online Presence

First things first, make sure your salon is present on various review platforms. Some of the most popular options include Google My Business, Yelp, and your business’s Facebook page. Having a presence on multiple platforms allows clients to choose the one that suits them best, making it more likely that they’ll take the time to leave a review.

But here’s the kicker—reviews aren’t just about credibility and visibility. They’re also content gold for your social media platforms and SEO magic for your website. Packed with keywords, they can boost your search engine rankings, leading to more visibility and reach.

Tip 1: Make Their Experience Worth Reviewing

The most pivotal part to collecting rave reviews? Offering an exceptional customer experience. The moment clients step into your salon, they should feel relaxed and taken care of. A welcoming atmosphere, cleanliness, and delightful fragrances are must-haves. Small touches like offering refreshments or blankets and engaging in friendly chit-chat before their appointment all go a long way. Each appointment should be an opportunity to surpass their expectations.

Tip 2: Ask, and You Shall Receive

Don’t be bashful about requesting reviews face-to-face. In fact, being personable when asking for reviews can actually foster a deeper connection with your clients, making them more inclined to share their positive experiences and contribute to your growing collection of reviews. After providing top-tier service, seize the moment to convey how much their feedback means to you and your business. Then, with a warm smile, kindly ask if they’d consider leaving a review. Most clients will gladly oblige, especially when the experience is fresh in their minds. Timing is key—ask right after their appointment for that personal touch.

Tip 3: Make Reviewing a Breeze

Simplicity is super important when it comes to getting reviews so make it ridiculously easy for clients. Think about having a sign with a QR code at your payment desk or texting them a direct link to your review page immediately after their appointment. (Texting beats emailing any day, as emails tend to vanish in inboxes.) The less effort required, the more likely clients are to provide feedback.

Tip 4: Show Appreciation

Show gratitude to clients who take time out of their day to leave a review. Consider sweetening the deal with incentives like a discount on their next service, retail products, or an entry into a raffle contest for a free service. You could even turn the raffle into a social media event, announcing winners to encourage others to leave reviews. These gestures not only spur more reviews but also make your clients feel appreciated.

Building a strong review base requires time and consistency. Encourage clients to share their experiences without any pressure. And if you encounter a less-than-stellar review, don’t get discouraged—it’s all part of the beauty business (learn how to handle those gracefully HERE).

In a nutshell, don’t leave reviews to chance. Be proactive! Actively request them, make it effortless for clients to share feedback, show your appreciation, and watch the positive impact these reviews have on your business over time. Your path to a shining reputation starts now!

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