Unwrap Success: 6 Holiday Promotions for Your Salon Business

The holiday season is upon us, and it’s the perfect time for beauty pros to spread some festive cheer to their clients (and boost your profits!). While the classic “Buy One Get One Free” and gift card discounts are the typical holiday promotion go-tos, here are our top holiday promo ideas your clients are sure to love and have fun with. Let’s dive into six exciting promotions to make this season extra special for your clients!

1) Create Limited-Time Bundles:

Show your clients some love by offering them convenience and savings with limited-time service/product bundles. Combine popular services or products and offer them at a slightly reduced overall price. For example, you can create a “Holiday Glow Bundle” that includes a facial, massage, and a skincare product, all at a bundled price. This not only encourages clients to try new services but also increases your average transaction value.

2) Social Media Giveaways:

Boost your online presence and engage with your clients by hosting a social media contest or giveaway. Encourage your followers to participate by sharing, liking, or tagging friends in your posts. Alternatively, you could have them enter the contest by leaving your business a review or posting a selfie after a service with you and tagging you! Offer attractive prizes like a free service or product giveaway. This not only spreads the word about your business but also fosters a sense of community among your clients.

3) Add-On Specials:

Encourage clients to pamper themselves even more during their services by offering special discounts on premium add-ons. Whether it’s a luxurious deep conditioning treatment to accompany their hair appointment, a lash extension upgrade for those upcoming holiday parties, or a special discount on a pedicure when they book a manicure, invite your clients to treat themselves to a little extra indulgence. These enticing add-on specials provide the perfect opportunity for clients to explore and get hooked on new services and upgrades they may not have tried before.

 4) Gift Basket Raffle:

Spread holiday joy by organizing a gift basket raffle, prominently displayed at the front of your salon. Every time clients visit for services between now and December 31st, enter their names into the raffle. To increase their chances of winning, allow clients to purchase additional raffle ticket entries for a small fee.  Include salon products, gift cards, and other delightful goodies in the gift basket to make it a must-win prize. You can even add an extra layer of excitement by conducting a live drawing of the winner on your social media channels after the New Year.

5) Collaboration Packages:

Collaborate with other beauty professionals or local businesses that offer complementary services to yours or share a similar clientele. Create exclusive holiday packages that combine your services or products with theirs. For example, team up with a massage therapist or a makeup artist to offer a “Holiday Glam Package” that includes hair styling, makeup application, and a relaxing massage. Joint promotions help you tap into each other’s client bases and offer unique experiences clients won’t want to pass up.

6) Salon Bingo:

Add an element of playfulness to your holiday promotions with Salon Bingo! Create custom bingo cards using user-friendly tools like Canva and have clients participate in the game each time they visit your salon during a specific timeframe. Offer enticing prizes, such as a 25% discount on their next service in 2024 if they get a bingo (achieving 5 in a row), or even a free service if they complete a blackout (covering all the bingo squares). This fun and interactive game will keep clients engaged and excited about their salon appointments, possibly leading to additional bookings to complete their bingo cards!


Bonus Tips for Successful Promotions:

  • Use Multiple Channels: Promote your holiday offers through various channels, including email blasts, regular social media updates, and eye-catching salon signage.
  • Festive Atmosphere: Decorate your salon or spa to create a holiday ambiance that enhances the client experience and reinforces the idea of special promotions.
  • Clear Communication: Avoid client confusion by clearly communicating all rules, eligibility, and deadlines associated with your promotions.

This season, get creative, connect with your clients, and make this season special for everyone who walks through your doors. Here’s to a holiday season filled with boundless joy and resounding success! Happy holidays!

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