Overcoming Limiting Beliefs: Tips From a Business & Mindset Coach

Hello, beauty entrepreneurs! Today’s blog is inspired by our recent interview with Maila Snow, a former hairstylist turned mindset and business coach. We’re honing in on a pivotal highlight from our interview: mastering a crucial element of entrepreneurial success – overcoming limiting beliefs.

What are Limiting Beliefs?

First, let’s unravel what these beliefs are. Limiting beliefs are those sneaky thoughts that hold you back, whispering, “I can’t do this,” or “I’m not good enough to run a successful salon.” In our interview, Maila explains that these thoughts are often deep-rooted, stemming from past experiences or fears. They’re like invisible barriers, keeping you from reaching your full potential.

– Journal Your Way to Clarity

Maila champions the power of journaling as a tool to confront and overcome these beliefs. It’s not just about writing down your thoughts; it’s about challenging them. When a limiting belief pops up, grab a journal. Ask yourself  “Why do I believe this?” “Is there evidence to support this thought?” Often, you’ll find that these beliefs aren’t truths, just perceptions that can be changed. By dissecting these beliefs on paper, more often than not you’ll find that these beliefs aren’t truths, just perceptions that can be changed.

– Reframe Your Thoughts And Regain Your Power

Reframing a negative mindset into a positive one is crucial for transforming our challenges into opportunities for growth and success. Instead of saying, “I’m terrible at managing my business,” try, “This is hard, but I’m learning more and getting better at managing my business every day.” This small shift in language can have a profound impact on your mindset and actions.

– Visualize Your Success

Visualizing success is an incredibly potent tool in your arsenal. Try incorporating meditation into your daily routine and picture yourself achieving your goals – whether it’s owning a thriving salon, building a loyal client base, or perfecting a new technique. The more detailed your visualization, the stronger its impact. This practice not only inspires but also strategically directs your subconscious towards making these visions a reality.

– Face the Fear of Failure

Failure is a big, scary word that often fuels our limiting beliefs, but it’s a universal part of success. Each setback, viewed in the right light, is a stepping stone, guiding you towards achieving your goals and refining your skills. Remember, in the world of entrepreneurship, learning from failures is as important as celebrating victories. Plus, chances are, if you’ve never failed at anything, you’re not challenging yourself or stepping outside of your comfort zone enough!

– Celebrate Your Wins

Don’t overlook any achievement, no matter how small it may seem! Every victory, whether it’s a satisfied client, a well-executed service, or even mastering a new booking system, deserves recognition. These celebrations are more than just feel-good moments; they reinforce a positive mindset and steadily build your confidence. Regularly acknowledging your successes helps maintain momentum and inspires continued growth, reminding you of the progress you’re making in your business journey. Keep a record of these wins, big or small, as a reminder of how far you’ve come and where you’re headed.

– Find Your Support Squad

You don’t have to be alone on this journey! Working with a business/mindset coach like Maila can be invaluable in overcoming mental roadblocks. At the very least, even just connecting with fellow beauty professionals who understand your aspirations and challenges can be incredibly uplifting as well. By sharing experiences, swapping ideas, and offering mutual support, you create a network that not only inspires but also helps navigate through negative mindsets, keeping you motivated and on track towards your goals.

Remember, your journey in the beauty industry is unique, and your potential is limitless. Start by challenging one limiting belief today. You might just surprise yourself with how far you can go!

Connect with Maila for More Insights 

To dive deeper into Maila Snow’s inspiring insights and actionable advice, be sure to watch her full interview with us on our YouTube channel HERE. Also, don’t forget to follow Maila on Instagram @MailaSnow and visit her website MailaSnow.com for more helpful content!

Stay tuned for more blogs where we explore other topics like self-care and achieving goals, all inspired by Maila’s expertise.

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