Picture Perfect: How to Capture Stunning Photos of Your Salon Space

In today’s digital world, image is everything, and that includes your salon listing! First impressions matter, and potential renters or employees often judge a listing by its photos. To ensure you’re putting your best foot forward, follow these top tips for capturing beautiful and enticing photos of your salon space.

1. Let Your Real Space Shine

Avoid only uploading generic ads or stock photos and showcase the true essence of your salon by providing actual photos of your space. Potential renters or employees want to see the real deal – where they will be renting or working. It’s crucial to provide authentic images that capture the unique vibe and atmosphere of your salon, giving them a genuine sense of what to expect.

2. Go to the Next Level with Professional Photography

Go beyond smartphone shots! Professional photography can dramatically improve your salon’s visual appeal and make your listing stand out to viewers. If your budget allows, considering hiring a pro photographer – Especially if you have multiple units available. It’s an investment worth considering, as every week your salon space sits empty means lost revenue for you.

3. Capture Different Angles

Don’t limit viewers to just one angle or view of your salon space. Take photos from different angles and perspectives to provide a comprehensive view of your space. Include shots of the outside of your building, the hallway, reception area, break room, and other areas that contribute to the overall ambiance of your salon.

4. Prep Your Space for Photoshoot

Before snapping pics, ensure your salon is clean and tidy. clear away any trash or clutter to showcase a professional and inviting space. Remember, attention to detail goes a long way in creating a positive impression with potential renters or employees!

5. Make Use of Natural Light

If your salon has windows, take advantage of natural light when taking photos. Shoot during daylight hours to capture the warmth and brightness that natural light brings. Also, remember to turn on all lights and lamps in the salon to ensure well-lit and inviting photos.

6. Clean Your Camera Lens

This may seem like a small detail, but a smudged or dirty camera lens can result in blurry or unclear photos. Before taking your salon photos, be sure to wipe your smartphone camera lens with a clean cloth to ensure sharp and crisp images.

7. Shed Light on Your Photos

Avoid Dark and Gloomy Photos! Enhance your salon’s visual appeal by brightening the photos on your phone, but avoid overdoing filters or heavy editing that distorts reality. Instead, focus on adjusting brightness, contrast, and lightness to enhance the true appearance of your salon space. Keep it natural and authentic for the best results.

8. Choose the Best Photo to Highlight

Your listing’s featured photo is the first impression potential renters or employees will have of your salon space, so choose it wisely! Select a photo that best represents the overall vibe and aesthetic of your salon, and make sure it’s visually appealing and high-quality. To designate a featured highlight photo for your listing, simply click on the star icon while uploading your photos.

9. Get Creative with Text Overlays

If Your Salon Space is undergoing renovations or is yet to be customized, consider adding text over the image to give potential renters or employees an idea of what’s to come. Use phrases like “Renovations Coming Soon!” or “Customize the Space as You Wish!” to spark interest and excitement. This will help set expectations and generate anticipation for your salon’s future upgrades!


With these tips in mind, you’re ready to capture stunning photos of your salon space that will attract viewers to your Salon Renter listing! Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, so make sure your salon photos are telling the right story.


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