How to Find Salon Suites for Rent Near You (3 Tips)

How to Find A Salon Rental Space
If you’re a beauty professional wondering how to find salon suites for rent near you, you’re in the right place. Today, we’re sharing three tips to help you find the PERFECT salon rental space for your beauty business!
How to Find A Salon Rental Space

Before we dive in, I have a question for you: what are your non-negotiables in a salon space?


Your non-negotiables are your must haves– the things you’re not willing to compromise on. 


Maybe your non-negotiables are free parking, keyless entry, and 24-hour access.


Maybe you want a space in an area with heavy foot traffic, or one that’s close to public transportation. 


Whatever the case, when you’re searching for salon rentals, knowing your non-negotiables in advance can save you time and energy.

So before we move on, get a notebook and a pen, or open a note on your phone, and write down your absolute must-haves in your salon space!

Use Instagram Location Search

Tip 1: Use Instagram’s Location Search Feature

When you’re looking for salon rentals in your area, Instagram’s location search feature can be a really helpful tool!


While the feature definitely has some kinks to work out, and won’t specifically let you search for salon rentals, it can give you an idea of what salons are nearby.


From there, you can explore each salon’s Instagram, and find their contact info to inquire about salon space for rent.

To learn more about Instagram’s location search feature, check out this post from TechCrunch.

Talk to Other Beauty Professionals

Tip 2: Talk to Other Beauty Professionals

Another great way to find salon space for rent is to talk to other beauty professionals in your area. 


Ask them about their experiences, and if they know of any reputable salons, or salon booths for rent nearby.


If you’re new to the area, and don’t have any connections yet, you can also use Instagram’s location search to find other beauty pros near you! 


Use the location search to find a few local salons, and see if any professionals are tagged in their posts.


If they are, message a few of them to introduce yourself, and let them know you’re looking to connect with other beauty professionals in the area!

Search on Salon Renter

Tip 3: Find Salon Spaces for Rent on Salon Renter

If your goal is to find your perfect salon suite rental as quickly and efficiently as possible, Salon Renter is a great place to start! 


Our all-in-one platform lets you search for salon booths for rent near you, filter listings by features like in suite sinks, size, cost, and reach out to salon owners and landlords all in one place.


Salon Renter is free to use, and our database is constantly growing. Join us!


To find your salon space, or list your salon space, click below to get started.

Finding the right salon space for your beauty business can be challenging, but with these tips, you can make the process easier!

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-Lauren D.

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