6 Tips To Keep Clients Coming Back

6 tips to keep clients coming back

When it comes to running your beauty business, creating a positive client experience is everything.

While a client who leaves an appointment feeling less than impressed is unlikely to re-book, a client who leaves feeling seen, heard, and cared for won’t just come back – they’ll bring their friends too!

The good news is, creating a positive client experience can be really simple, and really fun! Today, we’re sharing six tips to help you do just that.

First, let’s do a quick exercise…


Open up a notebook or a note on your phone, and write down your
responses to the following questions:


  1. Think
    of a time when you had a GREAT experience with a business or during a
    service. What made the experience great?
  2. Next, think of a time when you had a POOR experience with a business. What would have made the experience better?

Write down whatever comes to mind and think about how you can use
that information in your own business.


Okay, let’s dive into the tips!

Tip 1: Keep Your space clean and organized

Tip 1: Keep your space clean and organized.


Okay, you’re probably thinking, “Um, duh!” But here’s the thing: having a clean, organized space is about more than just hygiene and obeying sanitation laws.


Keeping your space clean and organized sets the tone for your business. It sends the message that you’re a professional who takes pride in your work and workspace, something that’s so important in the beauty industry!


So even on days when your schedule is packed, try to take out a few minutes between appointments to straighten up!


Not only will this create a more positive experience for your clients, but it will also create a more positive experience for you.

Greet clients as soon as they walk in the door.

Tip 2: Greet clients as soon as they walk in the door.


Again, this one might seem obvious, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into a new business and didn’t feel welcomed at ALL. In fact, I’ve almost walked out of an appointment at a new hair salon because the stylist was so uninviting!


When it comes to creating a positive experience for your clients, don’t underestimate the power of a friendly “Hello!” and taking a few minutes to catch up with them.


Your clients (and potential clients) want to feel seen. They want to know you appreciate their business! Greet each person who walks into your space with warmth, and it will pay off with loyal clients who love coming back to you.

Provide a comfortable relaxing set up

Tip 3: Provide a comfortable, relaxing set up.


Sure, not all beauty services can be all nice and relaxing (as anyone who’s ever had a bikini wax done before knows…)


However, considering these appointments are sometimes the only down time our clients get all to themselves, we should try to make our set up as comfortable and relaxing as possible for them!


Some easy examples could be playing relaxing music, having nice padding for your salon chair or bed, providing comfy blankets or pillows for clients to use, or lighting candles, incense, or an oil diffuser during the service.



Bonus points if your clients end up falling asleep during the service. Who doesn’t love a good beauty nap!?

create a welcome bag for first time clients

Tip 4: Create a Welcome Bag for first time clients.


Offering a Welcome Bag can be another simple, fun way to create a great first experience for clients and can also set you apart from your competitors.


Your Welcome Bag can be specific to your industry, or specific to each client. Include 3-5 small items that will enhance your client’s experience, such as any aftercare products/instructions, free samples, or any other small goodies you think clients would enjoy!


Don’t forget to also put in a business card, brochure, or salon menu that lists your website and contact info!


Not only is a Welcome Bag a great way to welcome new clients, it will ensure your clients are thinking about you long after their appointments are over!

offer bottled water or refreshments

Tip 5: Offer bottled water or refreshments.


If your appointments typically last for an hour or more, offering water, snacks, or other refreshments is always a great idea for making your clients feel cared for!


Something even just as small as putting out a bowl of candy, granola bars, or soda for them to grab will go a long way. (Plus, fewer hangry clients. It’s a win-win!)

communicate with your clients about schedule changes

Tip 6: Communicate with your clients about schedule changes.


In a perfect world, we’d always be 10 minutes ahead of schedule, instead of 20 minutes behind. Unfortunately, unless you have the power to control time, that’s rarely the case!


If you’re running behind schedule or if there are any other changes to your schedule such as having to call out sick, accidental double bookings, or needing to reschedule/cancel an appointment for any other reason, one of the most important things you can do is to let your clients know as soon as possible.


As uncomfortable as it might be to tell your clients you’re running behind or experiencing a scheduling mishap (especially if it’s happened before), communicating with your clients lets them know you VALUE them and their time.


Not sure what to say? Here’s a quick example:

“Hey Sarah! I’m running about 10 minutes behind today. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience, but I’ll take care of you as soon as possible!”


Your clients will always appreciate it when you’re open and honest with them.


And now maybe they’ll have time to make a quick call or grab a coffee from the café across the street!



At the end of the day, your clients should leave feeling beautiful, relaxed, and seen. Take the time to make each client feel cared for, and they’ll keep coming back for more!


For more tips to help you grow your beauty business, be sure to follow our blogs, Instagram and Facebook!


Until next time! XO 

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